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Welcome! This is
Dough Man Foods
We offer nothing but the best mix of delicious doughnuts and delectable toppings. We swear by all that is delightfully sweet, our doughnuts will put a smile on your face that will last days. Want proof? Just try one and see!
our Premium Assorted
Start your day with a Cinnamon Cream Swirl or get your spunk back with a Bubble Gum burst, our premium menu flavours are expertly catered to make you feel extra special today. It’s all about creamy, doughy goodness with The Dough Man premium bites!
Our Best Selling Packages

Creamy Deluxe

Pack of 6 and 12 creamy deluxe assorted flavours

Premium Assorted

Pack of 6 and 12 premium assorted flavours

Classic Assorted

Pack of 6 and 12 classic assorted flavours

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We do deliveries within
Accra and Tema
We can help


that special person.
Have a look at what's possible.
Doughnut Pricelist
Our Regular Offers
Our pricelist has been updated to make us serve you with the very best of doughnuts made with love and care.

Delivery Service is Available!

Our delivery fees vary according to distance and location. Checkout our prices.

We are proud to
introduce our Video Blog
We always have our customers in mind, so we will be bringing you sneak peaks of our production, processes, moments and all the fun times behind-the-scenes. Be part of our “kneaded” taste story!  These videos will set you up for that mouth watering experience you deserve and join you to our doughy family
Get Popular
with our Popular Picks
Love to be popular? Then try any of our top picks from the classic assortd line to our deluxe-decorated creamy categories. American-style doughnuts with a Ghanaian twist? Yes please!
Craving Royalty?
Relish the Creamy Deluxe
Fancy a swirl? Our creamy deluxe doughnuts which have flavored whipped cream toppings are meant to take your problems away. From our vanilla cream-topped with cereal drops to our strawberry cream deluxe doughnuts, this menu is more than a treat… it’s an exquisite indulgence.
Something casual,
let’s go Classic Assorted

Feeling for something classic? We have them all! Sugar-dusted or plain, peanut-crusted or custard-filled, our Classic Assorted menu is full of wonderful scrumptious doughnuts with flavors that never go out of style!

Read Our Blog.
Get to know what’s Cooking and New

Best Boss Ever #BestBossEverWithDoughMan

My first boss was a super charming woman. She was the loveliest of souls with a soft spoken voice to complement. She was at least 3 times older than I was at the time, but she related with me as if she was a teenager too.
My fondest memories were how she would come to the office, assign tasks that drove you till you were at your wits end, only for her to order lunch and say with her soft voice and huge smile, “I know you can do better”.
It happened more than twice and each time I was the more inspired to bring my targets alive.

– CEO, Dough Man Foods.


We believe there are some amazing bosses out there who need recognition and so we’d like to help 10 customers recognise their bosses with a full Dough Man Combo Package (12 Doughnuts + Gift Card + Delivery) for free!

To win, tell us in the comment section of this post, who is the best boss ever and what makes him so to you. Get as many people, including colleagues in your office, to like your comment on our website, and also share the post on social media. The top 10 comments with the most likes win the #BestBossEver package for their boss.

Voting ends on Saturday 13th July, 2019.

Winners will be announced on Sunday 14th July, 2019.

Deliveries will be done in the course of the week of 15th July, 2019.


Lessons From Dad #DoughManLessonsFromDad

We all have different names we call the man that raised us or helped raise us up. It could either be Father, Papa, Daddy, Dada, Dad, Da — endless!

Father’s Day is the world acclaimed day to celebrate him. Aside his birthday or any other remarkable event in his life, this is another opportunity in a year when it’s all about him.

Fathers are special and we should make them feel special too; let’s tell them we love them, and tell them exactly why we love them.


Sunday the 16th of Friday is marked as the Father’s day here in Ghana. And we’d like to help 10 customers celebrate their Father’s with a full Father’s Day Package (Doughnuts + Wine + Gift Card + Delivery) for free!

To win, tell us in the comment section of this post, the best lessons you learnt from your dad, get as many people to like your comment on our website by sharing the post on Facebook and Twitter. The top 10 comments with the most likes win the Father’s Day Package for their fathers.

Dough Man is Three

Hip, hip, hip, hurray! Happy Birthday Dough Man!!!

It’s been 3 years of amazing times serving you, our lovely customers, and we’d like to appreciate you for all your support
Starting from a small corner, we’ve serve Accra with delicious doughnuts made with love. Through all the challenges we’ve made it this far and we are extremely grateful to God for His mercies and grace.

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There’s a flavor for every mood. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got it! Find us in any of the locations below: