We All Have Kneads...

...and Dough Man Foods should be one of them.

We have a flavour for every occasion. Our relationship with you starts with the finest ingredients and toppings and ends with indulging every craving.

From our Rainbow Storm doughnuts, that adds colour to your day, or keeping you company in a traffic jam with our Jammy doughnuts, every situation is covered - with flavour.

Our sporty customers may call this a “hole in one”!
That has a nice sugar coated ring to it, doesn’t it?

Tradition &

Whenever possible, we support ingredients made in Ghana.

With every doughnut, your relationship with us is also tied to local farmers who provide us products like coconuts and peanuts. We not only support local partners, but we support local flavours. We take pride in our national heritage and have added a modern twist to our popular culture.

Our recipes are inspired by Ghana’s traditional doughnuts called “bofloat”. Try our doughnuts with traditional pairings like Hausa Koko or as refreshments at your corporate gatherings with tea and coffee! The possibilities are endless.