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Creamy Deluxe :
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Name the Dough Man
9 August, 2018

... in a class of it's own

Many of our customers asked, "Can we have ice cream inside our doughnuts?".

We tried and realized the ice cream melts in the course of delivery in the hot Ghanaian sun. Then we tried to come up with a mobile freezer, well, we'll save that story for a another day, lol.

The closest we got to was icing. And thus the Premium Assorted category was born. They have the beautiful adornment of colours and we could flavour them with several flavours. Wow, it seemed all so great.

The feedback initially was, "too sugary", "too sweet"! That wasn't the expected reaction though but others said, "Wow, I love it", "Can we have more"! So we kept producing them on request.

After months of serving the premium, the default selection for return customers was the Classic Assorted doughnuts. That got us thinking. And thinking some more. We spent the entire time brainstorming ways to reduce the sugar content in the icing sugar, no pun intended.

Then the light bulb went up! Let's have the cream that replaced icing sugar on cakes. We tried it. Made a couple deliveries. Sampled it severally and voila!, Creamy Deluxe was birthed!


The Creamy Deluxe category has doughnuts with flavoured whipped cream topping. They are less sugary, beautiful in appearance and have that delicious taste with the doughnut.



Bubble Gum






Currently starting with six flavours, the Creamy Deluxe will surely leave your taste buds in the right state. A pack of 6 currently goes for 32GHS and a pack of 12, 62GHS.

On the 4th of October we will be launching the Creamy Deluxe package with FREE DELIVERY so you can get a feel of what we mean by creamy yummy goodness.

We hope you will love this new addition, and the several other flavours we will be launching. Kindly review it after having a go and leave your comment below. Many thanks.

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