Let's Make Some ``Dough`` Together

Become A Dough Man Retailer

Sometimes delivery just isn’t enough. And retail outlets just don’t cover everywhere. That’s when the idea of retailers was birthed. We want you to help us sell more doughnuts, and make money of it. Yep, make some “dough” from doughnuts. We wouldn’t be called Dough Man if we were not serious, will we?
It is simple to join, and we promise to make it even simple to sell. We provide everything that you’ll need; you only market and make some cash.

Nobody likes leftover pastries, and so do we. As a company policy, we do not sell overnight doughnuts. You will be required to discard all leftovers ahead of the fresh batch to keep the brand identity. Although you will make payments before delivery, we’ll help you with estimating the quantities to sell so you do not make a loss.

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Rules And Regulations

A few terms so everybody is satisfied
Pre Ordering

You will be required to place all orders a day before. We will guide you on the channel and medium of how orders are placed.

Prepaid Opportunity

Our retailers have to pre-finance orders to be delivered to them. We will first agree on whatever discounts comes with our products which shall be subject to review by management, given an advance notice of not less than 7 days.

Changes or Cancelling

You are free to request a change in a particular product is the market isn’t responding to that item. However, it should be returned in a manner that can be consumed.

Cancelling an order after the dispatch has left will attract some penalties which will be discussed and agreed by both parties.


Things start and end, we understand. So if for any reason, you want to opt out of retailing, please write a mail to [email protected] with reason for termination. We will in turn correspond on the necessary steps to help in whichever way we can.